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PoolatSchool is a dedicated carpool services providers, any body can signup, create, join or share pools without any fees but if you want to get personalized services and secure carpool than please contact us to ger perosnalized carpool services that gives you security, backup and many more other services.

Following are our services, to know more please contact us.

Tier I           -    Copper Plan

Tier II          -    Silver Plan

Tier III         -    Gold Plan

Tier IV        -    Platinum Plan

Copper (Basic Community)

  1. Login
  2. Register
  3. Put Your Detail
  4. Match Found
  5. Interact – Further
  6. Close

Silver Plan 

It you can’t find a pool our call centre will help you find or make one. Will offer you other service like survilence in car 

  1. CCTV
  2. Speed
  3. Location
  4. Emergency
  5. Bag Badging etc.

In Case no one is able to pick & drop our school ride will offer you service which is fitted with speed  Governor , GPS, CCTV (Inside / Outside), Emergency messages  live feed , Driver hygine & KYC.  (Fire Ext., A.c , Umbrella, Water etc. One standard offering ).

Who will be our customers .

  1. Home to school
  2. School to Tuitions
  3. School to Activity
  4. Home to Activity
  5. Special Tours.

Gold Plan

Safe & Sccure ferrying services.

  1. Customer will use vehicles purely offered by us non aggregating .
  2. Innova’s or similar vehicles.
  3. Standard service provide are as follows.
  4. A/c Car
  5. Fire Ext.
  6. Max 5 Pax.
  7. Speed Governor.
  8. CCTV live feed
  9. SMS Alerts
  10. SMS alert before picking , after dropping.
  11. Replacement car in case of breakdown.
  12. Water / Umbrella standard feature.
  13. Bag badging .
  14. Women only car ( including Driver ) 


  • Home to School
  • School to Tution
  • School to Activity
  • Home to Activity
  • Special Events ( Birthday, Picnics, Day Tours etc. )

Gold Plan

Safe & Sccure ferrying services.

  1. Can be for single users
  2. Maid asistance  - If Required
  3. Butler Service  - If Required
  4. Will wait outside
  5. Body Guard Service 
  6. If Required Class of Car can be any.

Aggreating Service

  • We will create on among the people that one can be more relaxed with our services & can insist their current Pool drivers or cab drivers to avail our service.      
  • The cab drivers can put our equipment on both capex or opex model .
  • We will have strict KYC & health checks. ( Including Councelling )
  • Cabs will pay us both for equipment and aggregaint commission.
  • For users we will be the payment point.